• 產品名稱: RO?FLAT?MEMBRANE?SHEET
          • 產品分類: 定制油缸系列
          • 公司名稱: 威海凱特液壓技術有限公司
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          Quick Details

          Place of Origin:

          Shandong, China

          Brand Name:

          china made with different suppliers

          Model Number:

          DRN1 and others




          Water Purification


          Permeate sheet




          Domestic membrane


          High flux,or high desalination

          Storage Condition:


          Attention 1:

          Avoid direct sunlight,collisions

          Attention 2:

          Stay away from volatile chemical

          Shelf time:

          2 months

          Supply Ability

          Supply Ability:

          1000000 Meter/Meters per Month

          Packaging & Delivery

          Packaging Details

          carton box with pallet


          Qingdao port

          Lead Time :

          30days since advance payment

          Product Description

          Product Application

          The membrane sheets is a composite structure, which has three layers(seemainillustration)

          1.The material of reinforced non-woven is polyester,about100um thick;

           2.The porous intermediate support layer is composed of polysulfone,thickness of about 40um;

          3.Ultra-thin separating layer is made of polyamide,about 0.2um thick.

           Each layer is designed and manufactured according to its functional requirements.


          Main Features

          1) the feed spacer roll can directely applied to the automatic cutting and folding machine to prepare for the following memrbane rolling process.

          2) the tension of the feed spacer is adjustable by tensioner through changing the input on the operation panel.

          3) cutting edge or border is smooth without burr or sharp corner that may damage the memrbane in the folding operation.

          4) high procution rate and hygiene grade ensurable due to little human involved in the cutting process.


          Performance Introduction:

          1.Domestic Low Pressure Series Membrane Sheets

          Domestic low pressure series membrane sheets increase the organic fouling resistant ability significantly after modified the surface hydrophilic. The rolled membrane elements which is low energy consumption and large water production, is the mainstream of home market products currently.

          2.Domestic Anti Pollution Series Membrane Sheets:

           Domestic anti pollution series membrane sheets adopt antipollution technology,so that the membrane elements have a stronger ability to bear scaling and blocking. Also the desalination layer is more strong and resistant to washing at the same time ensure the water flux. The flux of membraneelementis stable, especially in thehigh salinity waterconditions. The service life canbe longerinpoorwaterqualityarea,suchasmountainareaandminingarea.

          3.Domestic Energy-conservation Series of Membrane Sheets:

          The membrane elements which is rolled by domestic energy-conservation series membranesheets,is operated at the lowest pressure and the highest water yield currently.The cost is the lowest in the system which using such membrane elements.This membrane elements can run under the inlet pressure of 36psi, if operating pressure increased, the water production and desalination rate will be further enhanced. Under the same conditions, it will get a larger water yield if in the low water temperature area and season.

          Main Performance Of Membrane Sheet:


          PS1: Performance data above is only for reference, shall be decided by customers sheet area andpercentofpassfinally. PS2: Sheetperformance shall be subject to samples and reasonable range, we do not promise component performance finally.

          PS3 : High TDS input water ,we suggest JFR-1 sheet, low TDS input we suggest low pressure sheet.

          PS4 : Input water quality good and input water pressure no less than 2kg ,we suggest you chooseJECifwantno-needpumpwaterpurifier.

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